‡ stigmata – ritualistic body marks for spiritual chaos. ‡

the bible, galatians 6:17: “from now on, let no one cause me trouble, for i bear on my body the marks of jesus chaos.”


critical mass berlin – sept 2017

friday night bike ride in berlin from 8 till after midnight.
over 2500 cyclists celebrated the 20th anniversary of
critical mass berlin. 26 sep 1997 ~ 29 sep 2017.
bike route


critical mass – berlin – august 2017

the friday night bike ride under a black sky
around 3000 people joined the monthly ritual
with the sun in virgo at 25-08-17 / critical mass berlin


critical mass berlin – july 2017

summer bike rave party – 28 july 2017. over 3000 people joined the friday night bike ride in berlin with soundsystems, decorated bicycles and many cyclists who celebrate bicycling together. from 8 pm till 1 am the bike caravan cycled over 45 km. positive protest to advocate for safe and healthy urban traffic as an alternative against car dominance. cm july included cycling at the runway of the abandoned airport berlin-tempelhof; occupying the big roundabout großer stern at the tiergarten; blocking cars; lots of angry car drivers at intersections; and cycling under the crescent moon. berlin bike route map july 2017

critical mass berlin april 2017

friday night bike ride. 2700 bikers joined the monthly critical mass in berlin on 28 april 2017 from 8pm till midnight. cycling for healthy and safe urban traffic.

critical mass berlin march 2017

one of the biggest critical mass in the world: the monthly berlin friday night bike ride. 31 march 2017. from 8 pm till after midnight around 3500 people biked over 50 kilometres through the streets of berlin. cycling for clean safe healthy urban traffic. reclaimn the streets. fuck cars ride bikes! autofrei!

hail satan – fuck nazis

hail satan fuck nazis – unused footage for alerta’s antifa protest song ‘fascists, beware!’. filmed in september 2016 in amsterdam.

critical mass berlin – october 2016

28 october 2016 — berlin friday night critical mass bike ride — with over 850 cyclists we reclaimed the streets and rode our bikes for safe, clean and healthy urban traffic.. direct action against car culture!


critical mass berlin 30 september 2016

critical mass – berlin germany – 30 september 2016.
from 8.15 pm till 1 am about 1000 people rode their bikes through berlin. reclaiming the streets for healthy, clean and safe urban traffic.